We provide a number of services that ensure your IT software is modern, safe, and easy to use. 



Our Professional Services team specialises in the development and deployment of network/security strategy and solutions for enterprise clients, across local and cloud delivery mechanisms. We work across a number of verticals including Manufacturing, Construction, Financial, and Service Provider environments. 

Services we provide include: 

  • Security health checks 

  • Security Solution development and implementation

  • Network solution and implementation 

  • Strategy development 

  • Technology evaluations 

  • Technology refreshes 

  • PKI technology design/implementation






Our client’s infrastructure had many problems such as: 

  • The vendor support for the infrastructure was approaching end of life

  • The existing architecture did not support future business initiatives

  • The risk of major impact to the business during any technology refresh


  • We designed and implemented the new security infrastructure as well as enabling next generation security features such as Anti-Malware detection/prevention, IPS and SEIM functionality. The engagement had to consolidate multiple legacy security platforms/policies onto a new technology platform while maintaining availability of services and minimising business disruption.


  • We delivered the new platform and successfully migrated services onto the new technology platform without causing disruption to the business in a time frame that exceeded the client’s expectations.


  • Planning and quality assurance was the key to this success with the majority of time spent planning and reviewing the complex implementation plans that involved multiple parties.


The key outcomes for our client were:​

  • No unplanned business disruption

  • Operational efficiencies due to simplified architecture

  • Improved security posture due to next Gen features in use

  • Minimal disruption to normal operations for the duration of the project (3 months)



Our FINAO Managed Services (FMS) team specialises in the support, security monitoring, and management of complex security environments based on the Check Point product suite.


FMS was originally developed to support our enterprise clients providing a conduit to FINAO technical expertise for the client’s operational teams, after the completion of a project. This service provided the ability for FMS to complement the client's operational teams as and when required, allowing them to become proficient with the solution/technology deployed.


Over time we have matured FMS services to the point where we now provide a range of services from 3rd Level technical support through to fully managed network and security services to our clients.


The organisation provides customer services with the internet and contact centre providing the "face" of the organisation to the general public. These business critical services are delivered from two NZ based data centres that contain the necessary wrap around technology services such as networking and security. The infrastructure platform providing the security aspects posed a number of challenges to the client, these being:

  • The vendor support for the infrastructure was approaching end of life

  • The complexity of the existing architecture did not support future business initiatives

  • The risk of major impact to the business during any technology refresh


The client is a large enterprise with over 2000 users across multiple sites within NZ. All customer facing and corporate services are delivered out of two NZ based data centres. The client embarked on a programme of work to refresh parts of its security technology platform and re-architect its data centres to better meet future business requirements. As part of the overall programme the client had also made a strategic decision to bring the operation of the environment back in-house after several years of utilising an out source provider.

The operational challenges faced by the client included:

  • Ensuring operational consistency across both old and new platforms for the duration of the project

  • Building an in house operational team from scratch that could support the new platform and technologies

FMS assumed 24/7 operational support for both legacy and new security platforms, including change, for the duration of the project (approx. 4 months).  and provided 3rd level technical support post the project to allow client‘s internal teams to come up to speed with the new environment.  This included Security and Wireless technologies.

The key benefits delivered by FMS were:

  • Provided operational service assurance reducing the risk associated with the project

  • Provided internal teams with a buffer period allowing them to understand the new technologies and environment.



The client has approximately 60 sites across NZ and Australia with services delivered out of 2 NZ based data centres. The environment supports both corporate systems and manufacturing control systems (SCADA). A mix of technology including Firewalls, Load balancers, WAN optimisation devices and Enterprise wireless are utilised to deliver services. The client operated a small, network/security team that provided both operational escalation and project delivery.

The challenges faced by the client included:

  • Supporting a 24/7 operation with a team of two

  • Contention between operational requirements and project delivery

FMS provides 3rd level technical escalation and BAU backfill proving on tap technical expertise to complement the existing internal teams. The service provides the client with a flexible resource pool and the assurance that expert technical expertise is available 24/7. The key benefits of the service are:

  • Flexible - (pay as you go service)

  • Ability to offload operational support in busy periods to allow the client to focus on project delivery

  • Access to technical experts when needed 24/7 to support the clients team

  • FMS maintains operational knowledge of the clients environment